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Cycling Software

Date Added: October 17, 2012 10:47:58 AM
Category: ELECTRONIC PARTS: Software
The basic design of the bicycle has changed little in the past 150 years but that doesn`t mean that technology has passed them by. New material and manufacturing processes mean that today`s bicycles are lighter, faster and easier to handle than ever before. The biggest innovation, however, has been in the field of cycling software with a vast range of programs now on offer to support almost every aspect of the sport. Cycling software enables you to keep accurate records of your rides, log all your training activities and monitor your diet. A typical program will record the distance travelled along with the time taken, your heart rate, calories burned and energy expended. You can also enter your goals for each season and get instant feedback about how close you are to achieving them. Many software packages have the ability to link to heart rate monitors or GPS-enabled cycling computers so that the information about calories burned and distance travelled can be uploaded automatically, each time you finish a ride. Software can also produce reports or graphs to give an easy-to-read visual representation of your progress. If you want to know how far you rode in the last month of the last year, how many calories you burned on a particular day, how much time you spent on climbs rather than level surfaces or even how long it has been since you changed your tyres, the answer is only a few mouse clicks away. Other specialist software can help you to set up your bike in the optimum way to maximise your level of performance. This will include calculations which tell you the best spoke and chain length to use for your particular frame or model of bike. There are also programs which study a particular route and then suggest the best gear for each individual section. One of the best things about cycling software is that it enables you to compare your level of performance across very different riding conditions. For example, a 20-mile ride full of steep climbs in hot weather could require the same level of effort as an 80 mile ride on flat road in more moderate temperatures. By inputting the data from each day`s ride you`ll be able to spot improvements - or areas you need to work on - that otherwise might easily be missed. High-tech cycling software has been credited with transforming the fortunes of the British Olympic cycling team, helping them to win an unprecedented number of gold medals in recent years. If you`re looking for reviews of the latest cycling software, along with information about many other aspects of cycling, bikes.org.uk is one of the most comprehensive sources the Internet has to offer. Sign up for a free site subscription to receive regular updates and news of local events direct to your inbox.

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